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From Paris and Giverny with (very ) love

After the workshop in the French capital and in the garden of Claude Monet's house , I get this beautiful comment from Simon . I can not share it with you !

Dear Francis,

Today I looked at the pictures again and workshops of Paris Giverny and emotion 'was great , so much . I relived all the great moments we shared. It ' was one of the experiences most' beautiful and rewarding of my life , an experience in psychic level to 7 stars , and are immensely happy to have participated . The emotions are still living inside of me and feed my artistic spirit and my soul . I feel more ' rich in and for that I thank you .


I loved the choice of locations , Paris and Giverny , so ' different but so' intensely linked by a common thread . France , Monet , the art of "good living" , conviviality ' , the moments of healthy and sometimes bitter laughter , the light , the choice of views, the rhythm, the ' intensity ' and the complicity' in sharing a ' unique experience like this. I want to thank you for how you managed , to manage our " diverse " group , made up of different people but united , each in his own way my paintings for sale, with the same passion and I deeply appreciate your spend it for us, with discretion, leadership , friendliness and professionalism ' . Through your lessons , artistic, and metaphors of life that I have read in , I rediscovered the forgotten parts of me , perhaps the most ' important , that have come out again with joy , vitality' and made ​​me realize once again My great love for art, as this is a gift and that it can not ' and must not go to waste.

I really hope I can participate again in the near future a similar Antoine Blanchard Champs Elysees  experience with you, other fellow travelers and land to other destinations equally wonderful and inspiring . Meanwhile, I feel fortunate and grateful . Thank you. Indeed Goods :-)

Simona Marcimino , Milan

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