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Kiev sketches

House of Nekrasov

At the beginning of the 20th century, this apartment house belonged to E. Filkenshtein. The main facade is facing front to Gorky Street. Planning of apa Stelio Sole art for sale

rtments is changed due to comprehensive overhaul of 1980. The composition of the main facade uses the principle of axial symmetry. The house is four-storey, brick, with the removal of the risolite into the depths of the courtyard. Clearly expressed are three vertical components created by architectural decor. Near the front door is a through passage to the courtyard.

The decoration of the main facade uses ornamental plastic. Decorative details, which differ in the variety of shapes, made of bricks, cover almost the entire surface of the wall.

In 1944-50, Nekrasov Viktor Platonovich (1911-87) - writer, dissident and emigrant (author of "Babi Yar") lived in the quay No. 7 on the fourth floor of the house. During this period he wrote a novel entitled "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" (1946), for which he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR (1947), essays, short stories.

Address: 38 Gorkogo St.