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Vernissage of one painting: Alfred Sisley. "The Garden of Oshide." Montgeron, 1881

Vernissage of one painting:

Alfred Sisley.

"The Garden of Oshide." Montgeron, 1881

Alfred Sisley. "The Garden of Oshide." Montgeron, 1881

This garden was written not only by Sisley. The owner of the garden and home in Montgeron, Ernest Oshide, was one of the first admirers of young Impressionist painters. He bought their paintings and often saved them from hunger. And was, by the way, the owner of the legendary painting Monet "Impression. Sunrise, which gave the name to the entire movement of young artists. He invited Claude Monet, Edouard Manet and Alfred Sisley to his estate in Montgeron, where they lived for several months and wrote local landscapes and decorative panels for the huge house of Osh Martin Beaupré art paintings for sale

de. Artists rested: in this house they were always waiting for a workshop in a park pavilion, a pleasant society, exquisite food and wine, sun and picturesque places.

Ernest is the successor of a successful business. His parents established a trading company and were engaged in the sale of fabrics. His wife Alice, also a rich heiress of large industrialists, and five children. Things are going well.

When Ernest is ruined, the parents' business is stupidly dashed and the parental money is wasted, the Parisian journalists will write poisonous articles: how nice it is on the part of the artist Claude Monet to shelter the family of Ernest Osched, who went bankrupt, buying his paintings. It was only half true: Monet really invited Ernest, Alice and their children to rent one house for two families when the money at Oshade became tight. But in the ruin of an unfortunate merchant, it was only he who was to blame.

This sunny Sisley landscape was signed in 1881 - by that time Ernest had already gone bankrupt and laid the estate. His family already lived with Claude Monet, and he himself was in constant traveling and enthusiastically made a journalist career in Paris. The children of Ernest will soon be called Claude Monet by the Pope, and for the time being, the legitimate wife of Oshide Alice will become the beloved and the assistant to Monet.

So most likely Sisley began work on the Garden Sadness a few years earlier, when Ernest could still afford to buy Impressionist paintings by the hundreds, when the carefree life in Montgeron seemed endless, and the light summer flirtation of the hostess of Alice Oschede and the young temperamental talented Claude Monet still seemed fleeting and frivolous. Only the sultry lazy shadows will reach out to the other end of the garden - and all this obsession will dissipate.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova

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