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Hamish Blakely draws love letters

Hamish Blakely is sure that the picture should tell about itself. This statement is similar to the phrase that once said the outstanding Austrian director and director of the Metropolitan - Fritz Lang. "If the director has to tell in interviews what he wanted to express with the already filmed film, then he seriously made a mistake with choosing his own profession." Undoubtedly, the fine arts are far from the power of the cinema, the picture has to be captured by the viewer without words, with the help of a static image, without the right to additional explanations. And, at the same time, to penetrate into the consciousness in such a way that their own thoughts retreat, they liberate space for the perception of the image.




A very clear understanding of the mission of contemporary art did not save Hamish Blakely from the path that almost every artist went through. After all, they started with inhuman zeal in filigree exact copying of other people's masterpieces. But no one managed to leave his name next to Degas, Caravaggio or Velazquez, being a simple copier of the paintings they created. Only preparation in technology can become worthy, but will never indicate its own path.

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Milestones in the life of this English artist were a portrait of his father and the first understanding of his own destiny, but the theme, at the moment unchanged, was determined by Gail's wife - a professional dancer. It is her paintings owe their character, and the model on them is always always only she. Her image brings a certain character to the image, becomes a source of intrigue and nobility. For Hamish Blakely, she became a predestination of the mission in art, an eternal source of inspiration, the best stimulus for the daily hours of work in the studio. But one of the artist's friends expressed all these high impulses much more clearly and capaciously. He said: "It seems to me that you are drawing love letters to your wife."




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