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Hot summer by Paul Michel Dupuy (1869-1949)


As well in the chilly winter evening,
imagine a warm summer day.
Where the hot rays caress the shoulders,
And beckons relax canopy of trees.
Forest lake with water cool.
Running clouds in the blue sky.
Listen to the play range
funny grasshoppers in the grass.
Admire a so openly
Trees, leaning over the water.
And the breeze, at the same time,
grass rustles and rustling leaves.
Slip sheet as sailing boat,
On the lake, bobbing on the waves.
And in the sky winds small crane,
Recently fledged in the nest.
Flowers intoxicate honey scent.
And raznotsvete butterflies around.

Sit, dream under a scarf feather
a howling blizzard winter outside.
Marina Nazarina

Music Alizbar (Elizbar) - Edward Shuhari; musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer. The founder of the ensemble «Ann'Sannat».



Paul Michel Dupuis (1869-1949) - French painter of genre and landscape.
Paul Michel Dupuy was born in Pau (Basses-Pyrenees) March 22, 1869. In his landscapes he loved to portray elegant women and children in playful sunny scenes.
Dupuis studied at Bonn and Maignan. Became a member of the Society of French Artists in 1899. He exhibited at the Salon of French artists and has won medals in 1901 and 1902. Dupuis received many honors during his career and became a Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1933.
Dupuis vystavley work in a museum in Reims. He died in Paris in 1949


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"Oh, life without a tomorrow!"

Oh, life without tomorrow!
Catch treason in every word,
And decreases loves
Star goes for me.
So quietly fly away,
Almost did not recognize at the meeting.
But again the night. Again shoulders
In languor wet kiss.
You I was not cute,
I like you post. And the torture lasted,
And like a criminal languished
Love, filled with evil.
Something like a brother. Silent, angry.
But if you meet the eyes -
I swear to the heavens,
In the fire melted granite.
Anna Akhmatova
Picture of Robert Fowler
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