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And wonders, as it should happen ... Artist Manfredi Beninati

  We are such stuff as dreams are made. And sleep surrounded by our little life. (William Shakespeare).


On the canvases of the Italian artist Manfredi Beninati miracles happen. Memory ... Childhood ... Dream ... Tale ... These words are very suitable for the description of the artist's works. Colorful landscapes consuming dream. As a former director, Beninati knows how to build the frame of the scene to bring the time and place of eccentricities.


  Panoramas figures of children and animals in a nutshell - a wonderful mishmash of reality hides the boundaries between fiction and reality. Bizarre game of space and volume. Every detail of how the magnetic force - human faith. Remember how Lewis Carroll:

- And what's that sound over there? - Alice asked, nodding at the very secluded thicket some pretty vegetation on the edge of the garden.
- And it's wonders - the Cheshire Cat said indifferently.
- And ... And what are they doing there? - Asked the girl.
- As expected, - cat yawned. - Happen .....






(Oil on canvas. Images are clickable)










Manfredi Beninati was born in Palermo in 1970. He currently lives and works in Campagnano Romano, a small village outside of Rome. His work has been shown in a number of countries in Europe, America and Asia, and come in many prestigious public and private collections. In 2005 he was chosen to represent his country at the Venice Biennale, where he was awarded the Audience Choice Award.

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