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Comrade disporters! Suit the main competition for the draw! Who is the conqueror, can get into their machines.
Restaurant does not work, the waitresses are all over.
Dankvart Dreyer A View towards Himmelbjerget, Jutland. Evening
Today, the doctor reads the lecture on the subject of “Prevention of sclerosis and people of advanced age”. Beginning 19 hours. After the screening of the film “Life of the Bastons”.
In connection with the repair of a hairdresser and wardrobe, women will be produced in the Hall.
Sign: Evening Restoran "Dawn".
Single-shuffled seats are longer than 5 hours, longer ones are longer than 7 hours on the evening. (Announcement to the garden).
Dankvart Dreyer
Entry ticket for children from 0,75mdo1metra-13kop., Children of 0.70m-15kop.
Home management is required by the electrician. Regulations: two days out on week-end. Saturday, if they call, they want to go, and they won't call, they can go on Sunday, even if the wire goes down, you cann’t find, you can guarantee.
Dankvart Dreyer A View towards Himmelbjerget, Jutland. Evening
Lovryby forbidden to all omidiourislovidov, except for the daughter of events.
Today in the sanatorium will be held a collection of amoral subjects. Reads the police.
A co-owner of a tenant! The ZKKOKomEv administration has a relationship that offers you a lot of observance of anti-sanitation.
Inserting the teeth in the middle of the mounds. The presentation of the teeth every day until 9 to 17 hours.
(Announcement in the clinic)
Workshop ordering is treated inadvertently-divided lumbar.
First-place bestowed by the horse Zherebets test certificate, which is awarded the first prize-rezretzbryuki.
19:15 "Drunkenness-fire." Speech by the head of the Institute of Civil Aviation.
19:50. "Calling on Yourself." TV art film. (From TV program)
Jackets & Groomsmen (Advertising)
Every man: socks is the face of a gentleman.
In the form of the refrigerant undergone, we make only long-term fractures.
The store is closed. The seller is located in the same position.
State Farm "Sunny" buys a lot of private face black-and-white maste.
Passengers who smoke during the flight will be canceled from the aircraft!
The stash "Recyclables" accepts the dumping of the community of hunters and fishermen in the form of.
“Girl is an unaddressed.” (Old, with defects, claims not to present)
Comrade! Create a beauty from the house, in which you live, make a fence, paint, and you know the joy of living! (Poster)
Link to the unbroken!
Citizens, tickets to the tramway, wish to purchase a trolleybus and try them out.
Comrades! Contagious coinage recuperator do not appeal. Spread each other.
In the evening, the third third meeting will be held. Meeting: Elections of the house.
Get booked by the udo directory with all you need.
Car dealerships are required for heating.
Citizens! In connection with the repair of the water network in the home of January there is no light. Also stock up on hot water.
There is a saleswear. UlitsaVostochnaya, 28.

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