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Monument of bright love

& nbsp;
Anastasia David Gagarina
Kolsamdovots with his years his master-master,
It doesn’t matter that the speakers are gleaming.
Avtorazgubbernatora & ndash; zapyaty.
Dankvart Dreyer art for sale
Onazhe & mdash; young.Suchzhennyeblezkogo & ndash; prickly.
SGagarinomknyazhnaya left forever.
Four years & ndash; instant.
Dankvart Dreyer The choir of Assen's Church
Their luck is a bloom & hellip;
Killed Georgian slaughter
Here is the head of the head,
Weeping out a gore.
Half a century of adventure!
Anxious dreaming years.
And brought a house on the coast
As a monument & nbsp; Love, sveleylekotoroet.
Dankvart Dreyer The choir of Assen's Church
& nbsp; EvgenyVeremeenko.

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