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Pies with cabbage

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Very delicious pies with cabbage!

Today baked pies with cabbage. I overslept, but I decided to bake them anyway - I promised Pashka a long time ago. It used to be faster, but now I'm happy with what I baked. And what a delicious turned out! Try it! You will not regret!

For the test:

water 300 ml

yeast saff-moment 11 grams (1 sachet)

egg 1 large

sugar 3 tablespoons

salt pinch

vegetable oil 60-70 ml

flour about 1 kg, but less

For filling:

white cabbage slightly more than 1/4 of a head

3 hard-boiled eggs

vegetable oil for roasting

1 egg for coating pies


In warm water, dissolve sugar and yeast.

As soon as the yeast starts bubbling - Vladimir Kush paintings for sale

add vegetable oil and egg.

Then, we begin to add flour. Stir better than a wooden spoon.

You do not need to pour a lot of flour. Even if the dough sticks to your hands. It is better to add flour later, when making pies.

So they kneaded the dough.

Cover it with a towel soaked in hot water and put in the oven, heated to 50 degrees.

We have 1-1.5 hours to prepare the filling. I had time to take a bath.

Cut cabbage into small pieces, fry in vegetable oil, chop eggs.

Stir the filling, salt, pepper, if you want.

Watching the dough. Uh, it's fine, even towel stuck. But it does not matter - the washing machine is washing everything!

Transfer the dough to a dry cutting board, sprinkled with flour. Slightly need to knead, it seems to me liquid.

As I kneaded Pashka photographed, ran into the smell of the dough. Probably thought that the pies are ready ... And I ran very quickly, because I plunged into the dough all. And it is bubbling, squeaking - talking to me

I divided it into pieces, it should be about 18-20 pieces - future pies. Who loves little ones - do more, I do not have much time to mess around. 20 this is just 1 baking tray.

We make pies. Who wants to, can turn the seam down, but I like such as in a fairy tale.

Cooked pies spread on a baking sheet, covered with baking paper and greased with vegetable oil. Pies grease with whipped egg.

Very close to lay out the patties is not necessary - will stick together.

While the pies are breaking minutes 15-30, turn on the oven to warm up to 220 degrees. Bake will be about 20 minutes before the ruddy color.

Transfer the patties to the dish.

Have a nice tea! Help yourself, guests are dear!

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