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City-woman ..... and City of Love .... Photographer Assaf Frank

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City-woman ..... and City of Love .... Photographer Assaf Frank

Florence, Firenze, Fiorenza ...
City-woman. Brilliant, magnificent, beautiful, passionate and inconsistent.
Around her, always wooed suitors, and she always took them condescendingly. Michelangelo dreamed of it, and left the defender, she made him suffer in separation.
Bruneleski presented her with an incredible beauty decoration - the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore - she suspected him of having connections with the devil. She encouraged insanity. In one church, Firenze Dante was married to his wife, and in it, he closed the eyes of the deceased Beatrice. She was heard by Girolamo Savonarola's tales, and made Botticelli burn almost the best of the written.

She looked with a grin at the battles of the Guelphs and Ghibellines, not tolerating the monastic regulations. She gave passion, sometimes turning into a gloomy determination to all. Her presence provoked geniuses to create masterpieces. Giotto, Leonardo, Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, Donatello - they all worked for the glory of this beautiful lady.

They did it, left it not at will, they died, but they carried love in their hearts.
And, it seems, their rejected genius love, made Firenze all more beautiful and beautiful.
The unique and capricious beauty of the Middle Ages now looks ironically at the dramas of our time, making them sharper and more meaningful. We are always looking forward to meeting you, Fiorenets ...
(A. Filanovsky)

Gracious sovereigns and gracious sovereigns, grow in your soul, in its brightest corner, such beautiful flowers as virtue, modesty, honesty, Zilon paintings

justice and love. Then each of us can, here in this world, decorate his window with a small pot of flowers. "
Victor Hugo "The Man Who Laughs"

Photographer Assaf Frank Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom

Music: Rondo Veneziano - Canto D'addio

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