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Oil, brush, soul and light ...

... all immortal is he who through the dust of the earth

some new world seemed to be seen in the distance ...

1. In 1962, Alexander Maranov was born in Tashkent. For the first time I picked up a pencil in seven years. It turned out well, and my mother took her son to a children's art studio. All the free hours Alexander devoted to drawing. As a result, the family council decided: what to be an artist to him. And about this decision he subsequently never regretted.


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4. Alexander graduated and music school in accordion class. Music is a part of his paintings, many feel it.

5. I often ask him how the images of his paintings are born. He says that for a variety of reasons. Sometimes images arise from reading fiction. Sometimes ideas come during sketches, sketches. Many images came to the music of Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikovsky. Alexander turns off the light, closes his eyes and gives himself to the music, catching the images of future pictures, looking for and creating their centimeter by centimeter. And until the picture is fully formed, he does not begin to create it on canvas. Sometimes it takes more than a month ...

6. Margarita

7. Orchids

8. Aroma of flowers

9. Face

10. Dance of spring

11. The World of Roses

12. The Muse

13. Lullaby

14. Water world

15. Harem

16. The Universe

17. Movement

18. The Madonna


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