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Hans Zatzka It's like spring blossoms in my soul!



Woman - tenderness, sing to me for happiness,
It's like spring blossoms in my soul!
And teach me to live in the present,
I awoke from a vague dream ...

A woman is a mystery, a strange thing,
Luck was not smiling for a long time ...
As from Eden, you flew in,
And seduced, as if in a movie.


In the garden of roses


Woman - sweetness, you are tempted
For, without that, a sophisticated soul.
You are an obsession, you revelation!
Irreversibly, pray or sin ...

A woman is joy, hopes come true,
And the soul was inspired by the joy,
Exempt from tight clothing,
Overstepping the darkness of the border ...

Woman is wisdom, you are consolation
In the life of the poet - a blessed nectar.
You are a rapture, you are an inspiration,
Blessing a trembling gift!

Alexander Tronin



Spring song

And this, girls, we all have a Guardian Angel.
And let our sins be so small that he can deal with them.))


Vladimir Kush Millenium Watchman

Paul Cezanne The Jas de Bouffan


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