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A rainbow over Paris ... A girl-spring, Heart, soul, joy, came out of the courtyard ...

I flew in the spring and with the birds, as requested, Mr. Poet! )))
Oh what a beauty - it's spring again!
May she be kind to us!


Above Paris is a rainbow ... Girl-spring,
Heart, soul, joy, came out of the yard,
Looks, smiles, I forgot everything,
Life starts again, I'm frozen in my dreams.

The feeling of love trembling instantly revived,
A childish sweet babble (what happened ?!)
To her I say try a stupid compliment,
But in words I get lost and give a bouquet.





How did it appear in my hands,
From the rainbow rolled, swam in the clouds?
All in perplexity, I was confused,
Just an obsession, a crisis of being.

I stand, I think, the girl is gone,
I'm completely confused, says his wife:
"Thank you for the bouquet, gentle flowers,
I feel happy, and you! "

Igor Nikolayevich Frolov





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