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I think the oil paintings

Last time a friend came to my studio, looked at all kinds of oil paintings excitedly said a lot, and asked me, she said right? After listening to me laughed, I said as a sister, you can be more rational than me (probably because it is academic background), it seems that in turn. This is obvious that she is very rational thinking, just like trying to interpret it, and do not understand the interpretation of right, it is clear that interpretation is not appreciated. And I think the appreciation of art does not need to be so rational. See the Western classical oil painting she can say about the time, the background story (apparently doing homework), will praise the light with the pen Han. Like Zhang Gongzi @ Zhang Jiawei's answer, the popularity of the Western classical genre of historical background cultural knowledge. Which can help us better understand, does not mean to appreciate the depth of the level. Speaking on the surface of the fact that you only need to feel a little bit, that it can be the United States, and those background history does not give the United States and points, and at that time and we did not imagine tall. But to our time, to the East, its charm is reflected in the exotic history and culture. Now the question back to why you think it is the United States, change the tone of the pen with what you think so? Or as long as the authority to tell you that is the United States. Or you think the picture is realistic. I want to say, more is the emotional to see, and more to see, see more of your own appreciation of the place, and I think it is necessary to assert, not someone else to tell you, and then you agree on the line. Especially to the modern, contemporary oil painting, not so much background let us to analyze. I think @image spewer answer that metaphor is very good. I really agree with his answer. In fact, only need to feel it, there is no move to their own. This is associated with their own cultural literacy, life experience, a certain level of people to enjoy a certain level. In someone else to see the level, even if you said, do not necessarily understand, or you do not agree. Phone code word first wrote here

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