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Gustav Klimt

Austrian painter
 Gustav Klimt (Gustav Klimt 1862-1918), Taiwan translation Kelimu, Austrian expressionist painter; Vienna separatist founder, Austria Vienna, the first president of the separation.

Klimt's art by the Dutch symbolist painter Tropsch, the Swiss symbolist painter Ferdinand Hodler (ferdinand hodler) and the British pre-Raphaelite Aubrey? Beazley (aubrey beardsley 1872- 1898) and other people's artistic influence, while absorbing the Byzantine mosaics and decorative arts of the Eastern European nation's nutrition, resulting in his paintings with "mosaic style." Later, because of his strong color, bright lines of Chinese painting and other oriental art of interest, resulting in his style has undergone new changes.
Klimt's picture has a strong decorative colors, brilliant colors accompanied by distorted body, revealing the lust and a slightly decadent beauty. Some of the works with a strong sense of sadness and mystery. Klimt was born in Vienna, a family of gold and silver jewelry production. I think this is the reason he likes to work with gold. His works in the use of Lek powder, paste gold foil, inlay barium, paste feathers and other special skills, and achieved special artistic effect. Klimt's work has serious and sad connotations that are not commensurate with the rich colors and lusts of his work.



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