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~ Scenic swing Alexei Ryutin ~ ...

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~ Scenic swing Alexei Ryutin ~ ...


Oh, those "Cherries" in the snowy cotton foam with overripe gloss thin skin, brittle peduncles! I feel as if their heady scent and sweet tart taste ...

- Perhaps these nalivshiesya juice berries from some childhood, from some very early and joyful experience, - says the author. - How paradzhanovskie "grenade", remember? When they expire scarlet moisture on a linen tablecloth? Parajanov - a brilliant artist. Each frame in his paintings - finished scenic masterpiece. How I would like to create something like that!

Today is my story about certainly talented artist Alexei Ryutin ...

Ryutin loves non-commercial art films, Tarkovsky, Parajanov; nonlinear prose Milorad Pavic, Garcia Marquez. Marcel Proust with his "stream of consciousness", he read a little boy - and he knew and was fascinated. He enthusiastically read all of Sri Aurobindo - discoverer of integral yoga. Admires space Catalan genius Antoni Gaudí, who said absolutely original, still no one "neraskoldovannoe" word in architecture. His concern and touch the artists, found a path into the unknown - to the bizarre artifacts future or quietest vibrations of the subtle world. One of his admirers of the work of Ryutin said: "... they are an amalgam, fragile and filled," and added that they should be "so look carefully ... do not breathe."


Pink flower
And Alexei himself admits:
- My painting - it's like a jazz swing. There is a terrific story Cortazar "Chaser". About Charlie Parker - one of the most incredible jazz improvisers. There's great here described is an inexplicable state of creative trance, which includes an artist. The same condition is often the case with me at work. I - "tool that blows into the instrument." Do not I play - someone plays me. My teacher Vladimir Lapin "dzhaziroval" in painting. And then knead polkastryuli pasta with canned meat. Because this swing exhausting, squeeze you till the last thread to the last nerve. Perhaps something akin to this frenzy of shamans, after which also brings a state of emptiness. Many talents to break into this mystical state, resorting to various doping, until the drug. I went from living a priceless gift - a pass into the beyond, without any artificial stimulation. This is a great blessing and mercy. I do not even smoke.


   To strengthen its "pass" to the inexpressible, the young artist deliberately Angara volunteered to go in obedience to one of the largest monasteries of domestic work for the glory of the Lord. He restored the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God in the Optina Monastery near St. Petersburg. Touched the striking beauty noncanonical frescoes students Vasnetsov. Very enrich their spiritual experience. A painter with a "direct podklyuchkoy" to the higher realms with reverence calls Andrei Rublev. He succeeded, and the viewer immediately "withdraw to communicate" with the Beyond, regardless of what is shown in the picture.
- Actually, not really the essence of what we see on the "picture - says the artist. - The picture may be very conditional, as the face of the icon. The main thing that was something more inside, under a layer of paint and bending lines. Ideally dreamed would ever grow to such skill that a person came almost to a blank white canvas - and wept ...


   Approaching Infinity, the secret to not embodied, gentle, sensitive, anxious, really permeates paintings Alexei Ryutin. All that he was able to catch and feel this inner silence, encoded in disarray undercurrent range of colors, in sacred signs of repeating images. "Do not blink, tears from the wind Hopeless brown cherry ...". Twinkle istaivaya lunar gold, tempting smell, essential pears. Fluid silent chill mist falling phosphorescent flowers ... Grez in a dream, or peer into the invisible unknown person ... They have something to say. Without needless words, without vain sounds. Something that can not be said, expressed, zadokumentalizirovano.
   This swing. In a literal translation - "fluctuations". Otherwise - vibration, pulsation, trembling. There is another meaning of this word - "change", "transition", a contrast change. By the way, it is used not only musicians, but also programmers, financiers, designers, master martial arts choreographer. Swing also called "rocking". He pushes the amplitude of the representations, the pendulum swings perceptions from one pole to another. This dance. Eternal endless dance of life, the dance of the universe.
   Is the name of one of the most charodeystvennyh Ryutin paintings - "Dance". Listen to her subtlest swing. Where, from what Daley was fascinated by this girl in a whirling white petals? What kind of music is driven by its volatile outburst? Where to bring its tender svirelnaya wave?


Fan of paintings called Alexei Ryutin like amalgam. This is not only an alloy of mercury with other metals, it figuratively, mixing heterogeneous elements, connection unconnected meeting of yin and yang, their incredible fascinating dance.
A further amalgam used in the manufacture of mirrors. Yogis say that everything that you see - this is you. Look in the mirror paintings Angara painter. Look a little deeper, penetrating under the layer of colors and curves lines. Look - and discover themselves. Little new, a little more lively, a little eternal ...




Spring Piano


Girl in blue hat


Night flowers




White roses on a piano








Country of fog


White Night










Wir werben die Angel richten.


Still Life with Watermelon


In the evening





Mystic rider





French dessert


Alex was born in 1980 Ryutn Angarsk. He graduated from Irkutsk Art School (painting), (decorative arts). Exhibition: regional, zonal, city, nation-wide, "Figure of Russia" in 2010 Tomsk, "Pastel Russia" 2011. Omsk, the fifth inter-regional youth art exhibition "Az. Art. Siberia "in 2011 Barnaul, Regional Youth exhibition-competition" Young Siberia "2011. International: "Art Moment" 2011. St. Petersburg, "Tradition and Modernity" 2011. Moscow, "Art-Moscow", 2012 Moscow, "The Man and the City" in 2011 Irkutsk. Solo exhibitions and projects. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Member of the International Art Fund.

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