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Artist Ewelina Ladzinska-Femininity

Artist Ewelina Ladzinska - Femininity


In unison with the soul of thy sound like ...

Joy filled the heavens ...

For you to do his prophecies ...

Be spring wind in your hair ...

Take all gray and gloomy ...

Remelting pain lovely honey ...

Drink it from your lips ... Cupids

To be shot at random and to take off ...

Holes from arrows whistling tunes ...

Songs about love and you ...

Expand in Outland rhapsody ...

Become a Universe ... but you alone ...


In unison with the soul of thy sound like ...




Red Dahlia Sunlit paintings



I want to hear the birds singing in the silence

And bow to the green, the great Earth

Lie down and look at the starry sky

For a long time, but mentally fly to the sky.


I'll be quiet, not scaring the fish lapping,

That muddy water lunar-matt shine.

And timid doe so trustingly here

Grass with my hands have become affectionately.


And tomorrow again in the world of men,

Ambitions, disputes floors.

And just anyone know-

Do not tell you about the lunar path.







I want to go barefoot lunar path,

Where the animals of the forest in a hurry to drink

Where the hair comes down from heaven, soft light,

Where questions all who seek will find your answer.



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