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Bob Pejman paintings

Bob Pejman also Mingbabake Pejman: an opera composer and musician's son, spent his early childhood in Vienna, in 1976 moved to the United States. Pejman started seven years studying painting, high school education through art. Although his art teacher insisted that he continue to receive education and artistic career, Pejman management decided to enter the business world. Bong Rutgers University and then at Control Data Corporation, such as software company after many years of graduate employment, Pejman gained vice president of marketing, information resources, the company's position as a global market research company. 1988, Pejman decided to return opened the world of art galleries Short Hills, New Jersey, known for his direct contact with people in contact with the European Masters, he is a representative in the gallery, his company decided to start Pejman gallery painting. In 1991, he started with the Russian artist, his two years Anatoly Ivanov formal study. Later, he participated in and further development of the contemporary impressionist painter of his research Ovanes Berberian Art Students League in New York. His art teacher, Ivanov affect most inspiring Pejman he used, such as Michelangelo and Raphael old master techniques. The use of these technologies, Pejman combines classical impressionist colors they have made but not yet modern style.


Bob Pejman paintings


Afternoon in Venice.jpg


Bellagio Cafe.jpg


Bellagio Memories.jpg


Sorrento Sunrise.jpg



Bob Pejman Varenna Vista

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