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Joachim Eyteval


Joachim Eyteval (Vteval, Vtivael), (1566, Utrecht - August 1, 1638, Utrecht), Dutch painter, although the definition of "Dutch" in relation to the painting of the Northern Netherlands to offices in the XVII century, the seven United Provinces of the Spanish Netherlands remains controversial. Eyteval began his artistic career as an engraver on glass under the guidance of his father in his native city of Utrecht. In 1586-1592 Eyteval traveled to France and Italy (Padua), where he studied the works of the great masters of the Renaissance. Joachim Eyteval belonged to the generation of Mannerist, his works are distinguished from the works of his like-minded Haarlem primarily a bright and colorful flair.


In the painting "Baptism", where the main stage pushed deep into the composition, and the entire foreground busy crowds depicted in the mannered, broken poses, open red, blue and yellow colors of the clothes create a festive and elegant spectacle. Actually, the heyday of the Utrecht painting of the XVI century is directly linked with the name of Joachim Eytevala, whose style is marked by Italian influence, both romantic and heroic and realistic. Some mythological painting was done in a joking manner, "Mars and Venus in love joy, caught by the gods", "Mars and Venus in the pleasures of love, Venus Vulcan caught her husband" and others. The best of his work, including the Self-portrait (1601), are in the museum of the city of Utrecht .














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