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Vacation Natalia Vodianova


"The road went up ...... we stopped in a luxurious pine forest and stood in front of a locked gate three meters high. We opened a dark-skinned beauty, and we drove up to the sand-colored house. In the upper floor seemed to Natasha's grandmother and affably waved to us, in this Vodianova time engaged in yoga. with it came to Ibiza her children, grandparents, sister Christina, godmother, Aunt Sasha, beautiful girlfriend Diana yoga master and assistants. All four hours which gave us Natasha, she vzbodrёnnaya yoga, not lazy nor minutes. Grandparents, not every day attending the photoshoots beloved granddaughter, amazed her performance.


When the frame together with Natasha fooling around children, let fountains of hoses dangling his feet in the water, jumped in the pool, she constantly smiled at them, whispering nice words, change clothes them limp filaments. She loves them dearly and fun, and it's obviously mutual. Best of all it played up in front of the camera her impromptu eldest son, Lucas. He gave her flowers, weave them into the hair, to entertain and amuse her, handed her a hand when she jumps off the parapet.



Mom and son can not only synchronously hover in the air, but to walk the wheel, like a real circus.






Four hours Natasha dressed ten times,
She drenched herself entirely twice with water, ate a plate of spaghetti
and kissed relatives without an account.




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Over lunch together all members of the household:
(Left to right) Lucas, English teacher, grandfather, grandmother,
godmother, Diana Felix (trainer on yoga), sister Christina,
Natasha, Victor and Neva.


And by the end of shooting Natasha wore modest teenage shirt with chiffon skirt sun shlёpki - and left - waiting for her secret friend. "Young" history ", - answered Natasha on questioning, why hurry.
- Soon everyone will know everything, you can not hide anywhere "
Two weeks later, it became clear that we were in that day actually sent her on a first date in Ibiza with her son Antoine Arnault heads LVMN.

"We are all created to love," - said Natasha
and she herself, happy, bright and cheery,
was the best proof of that.




Visiting Natalia Vodianova were
Nelly and Konstantinov
photographer Pascal Chevallier

by Hamish Blakely paintings

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