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by fabian perez paintings


Timothy W. Jahn. A Love Story


A Love Story

In Scotland, there is the legend of Saint Bridget, which is one of the three most venerated saints in the United Kingdom. Once she came to Saint Patrick and complained of the heavy proportion of women suffering from unrequited love. Holy resented that women were forbidden to be active in the relationship that they have to wait for the men from marriage proposal, and therefore often remain for life in the old maid. Saint Patrick supported Brigitte in her concern for women and allowed the latter to "exercise such activity," but only ......... 29 February.

February 29, 1288 in the Scottish Parliament was passed an unusual law according to which a man, who refused to marry a woman who made ??him an offer of marriage, was obliged to pay a fine. A prerequisite for the emergence and adoption of such a law, as the story goes, was "shortage" of men in the country. As men-knights literally thousands perished in wars, on the knightly tournaments and matches.


So the lords of the Scottish Parliament, concerned about the increasing number of spinsters in the ancient and noble birth, adopted the law and declared that henceforth and forever that day - 29 February of each woman in the state itself has the ability to make a proposal of marriage to the man. And if he refuses the marriage, it is obliged to pay her family is quite impressive for the time penalty - 1 pound.


From fines and could be released, but only if the man argued that the already engaged to another woman and imagined his chosen representatives of the law and the "pretender" on his arm.


Pretty quickly, this tradition, approved by law, spread across both Scotland and then the UK, and in the neighboring countries. And once in four years, the fair sex had a legal right, discarding all the conventions and rules of etiquette, elects to offer his hand and heart (even if they did not want that and).


However, how many marriages were made based on the results of February 29 after the administration of the law in the country in historical documents, unfortunately, did not survive.



Artist Timothy W. Jahn.
Ani Art Academy Waichulis, PA
The Waichulis Studio, Apprentice, Mountain Top, PA
Graduate, duCret School of Art, Plainfield, NJ
LaCoste School of Art, LaCoste, France
National Academy of Fine Art and Design, New York, NY
The Art Students League, New York, NY
Middlesex County Arts High School, Edison, NJ
From 2008 to the present time, the founder and director of Jahn Studios Apprentice Program.




by fabian perez paintings

Taste Test of Life ......

Taste of life .........


Sage asked: - Can you explain what the purpose of human life?
- I can not, - he said.
Then he asked: - What is the meaning of life though?
- I do not know - replied the sage.
- And then what about life knows your wisdom?
Sage smiled - In life not as important purpose and meaning.
The main thing - to feel its taste.
It is better to have a cake than to argue about it.

Get their ancient parable.






Photographer: Perta Maarek,
Model: Eliisa Raats

by fabian perez  paintings