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Alfredo Navarro. A distance-it is!






  So here it is, the sea! .. Solid turquoise
    Pearl foam sparkles! ..
    On a wet shallow wave after wave
    Anxious and hard runs up ...
    Look, he lives in this fragile crystal,
    He groans, threatened, angry ...
    A distance-it is! .. Oh, how the distance
    Tired eyes charms!
    Son edge snowstorms, blizzards and fog,
    Son gloomy and pale nature,
    As fiercely as I eagerly rushed to the south,
    To you, rhythmically rustling water! ..

      Simon Knudson












 Albert Bierstadt paintings




Alfredo Navarro was born on the east coast of Spain in the city of Alcoy (Alicante) in 1965 godu.Starshy of three brothers in the family, he has always lived a life of art, like his father, also an artist, who supported him when Navarro was very young. At the age of five, he started at the school of Fine Arts with a painting fresok.S eight years at EGB (similar to high school) when he bylo13 years he began writing maslom.Posle military service in La Coru?a (Galicia, on the Atlantic coast of Spain ) daily attended drawing classes and had the opportunity to study the works of the masters: Sorolla, Benlliure and Rusi? ol. He also frequented the San Pio V Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia, where he spent long hours to study the great masters. In 1996, Navarro founded his own studio, exclusively dedicated himself to improving his tehniki.Ego calm sea, or feeling the sun dance on the water, or the infinite horizon hypnotize the audience.

You know how love can sea?
Forgive him tsunami and storm
That passion clot tearing at will,
Gurgling in deep bins
Ile violent gust of jealousy, but more often,
His love is calm and gentle ...
Turquoise eyes look so alluring,
What's in them diving, reaches the bottom,
Where the mystery hidden feelings ... Hands-wave
Relaxed body oboymut,
In a touch of sweet and languid,
It will calm shelter.
Soul in bliss Seagull vzmetnetsya
And, with a loud cry, rush into the surf ...
Love wave rises to the Sun,
And into the abyss of happiness carry with them ..

Svetlana Juice

by Oil Paintings reproductions


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