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The explosion on the flower bed.

"People will decorate your own holiday only a few days,
and leave you to die in the white, cold box. . . "

Israeli artist Ori Gersht not just blow up the flower beds and bouquets
and with a very specific purpose and intent.




The project, entitled Blow Up, also known as "Explosion", inspired by the flower painting artist by the name of Henri Fantin-Latour, who created in the 19th century. However, photos Ori Gersht (Ori Gersht) "catch" the flowers at the very moment when they explode. The human eye can not see what happens when there is an explosion, but modern technology can help us to see, and for this angle.



Monte Carlo Seen from Roquebrune, 1884

But not only this is the whole point of the project. The author does not agree with the fact that the flowers - a symbol of peace and love, have to give their lives to their long admired in a vase or a wreath. And the pictures of the explosion show that the relationship that exists between violence and beauty, between destruction and birth




Blown here noga gallery

by Claude Monet paintings

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