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There lived stars, hiding from the dawn .........


Nobody believed in what she fly
Nights succeeded dark bird
And our dreams wistfully flipping
Reading them page by page. No one could see in her eyes -
There lived stars, hiding from the dawn,
And the look of her, like a crystal tear,
Was deeper black velvet color.



Her hand is cold in the heat,
All surprised marbled skin
A burning hair, easy in the wind
In his hands was both heavier and more severe. She was able to speak quietly,
She could hear what was silent,
She, as anyone would love,
And, as any piercing dreamed ...



But every time a glass wall
As if out of nowhere grew,
When trusting someone she
Suddenly recognized that flew all night. From magical girl is to know
What do people believe in fairy tales no longer,
And at night, put all sleep,
Shuttered night, that the stars do not interfere?




by Saba at Las Brujas III




Again, she had opened my window,
Flew up into the sky a lonely bird
And her black world, substituting the bottom,
Was thick and I called, and did not give a break ...

? Copyright: Nick dreamlike 2007
Certificate publication №1705160761



Model Yulia Koltyrina
Photographer KrisCole

by Fabian Perez Paintings

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