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Leory Neiman Rocky VS. Apollo

Rocky, for me, is different from the movie.
Because of the Rocky series, inspired me a lot.
Especially Rocky 6 classic lines:
"It is not how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit.."
Life, in fact, always face some combat, whether external or internal ...

Ironically, the starting point is to better achievement in life,
But now it messed up his life ...

Self-doubt, disappointment families, others do not trust ...

Sometimes, there will be some doubt that he really can afford much?

I hope he can get better and better ... Come on!

If one day, the achievements of some of the things I have the ability to cover their own design house, in the house, I would hang this painting.

Rocky vs Apollo.jpg

This is Leroy Neiman painted, the third episode in the final scene of Rocky, Rocky VS Apollo classic picture.

Perhaps the line has spare capacity, coupled with this one it ~ ^ ^


Leroy Neiman Rocky Balboa

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