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[Dressing up] Share the beautiful shoes. Each new pair of shoes for summer and winter. Can't Take My Eyes Out Of Them!

September is almost finished. But the weather is still very hot...Although I don't like too long summer...

But the shops' discount at the end of season can make me continue to buy summer clothes. Costing less money but having new clothes to wear.


A few days ago, I shopping with my mother in the Mong kok. We found a upstairs shop which just sell Japan's great brands. Such as LowrysFarm, EarthMusic&Ecology.etc. So we went into it to have a look.

D80wqz9A7qH4g81kL5TQWA (1).jpg

It is really for real Japanese goods. The shop is to do the wholesale. But it reserves a small amount to do the retail at a low price. We are excited! My mother bought four pieces of clothes! I bought two pieces of clothes, a pair of shoes and a headwear! All of them are super beautiful~~~


This is the Tory Burch shoes what I bought! I saw it in the other shops, and the retail price is about $400!!!!!!!!!!! I was reluctant to buy... (think Tory Burch outlet sandals isn't worth the price.) But I always can't forget it...I saw it in this shop!

Make me excited for a whole day!!!!!!!!!!!! And the price is less than $200!!!!!

Half price!!!!!!!!!!!That's a bargain! I is so pleased that I want to cry!!!!!


Look! The shoes have all the elements of summer. 

The tassel (wearing them can walk in the wind)

National wind (three circles are so beautiful and I don't know how to describe it)

Amphiboles(glittering in the sun!)


Although the shoes are to the ankle. But it won't make the legs fat. And the shoes are so bright! So the upper just needs simple supplements. Easily, the shoes will be the focus. Wore it to go out yesterday, and a lot of people can't help looking at it. It is really too beautiful!!


The shop'sclothes are also very beautiful! I will introduce them later.


... If you want to know the name and location of the shop...

... Link my FB page...



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The second pairs of shoes is suitable for the winter.


One day, I was shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui. Occasionally, I saw the Tory Burch shoes in a new chain shop.

Actually I really love it...But the price is too high...So I was reluctant to buy...And I always think of it.


But there is a new shop in Sha Tin! I can't torlorate to try it on this time...Soon I decided to take it home!! (women are easy to buy...) It is really very beautiful and very good wear!


Bordeaux color is one of the winter fashionable colors (black, leopard, etc.) Only the color is very attractive. There is a big bow on it, too!!!! Do you understand why I can't help to buy it... ?


Round head is very cute. And the soft sheepskin is really very comfortable. Don't be hard like other shoes. You won't feel the pain of feet no matter how far you go.


In fact just wear a dark coat, summer clothes are good for the Tory Burch shoes.

Because the weather is too hot these days...

I had no chance to wear it to go shopping ~~~~(>_<)~~~~ 

Or it must be the focus in the street.......

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