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Cabinet diary ~ ♪ ♪ silk wave point x x candy stripe color restoring ancient ways to wear

This is yesterday's retro fit ^ ~ ^

Collection of elements that I really like - wave point, stripes, led has the doll

Using recent love candy color one...

Warm peach as a bright spot color.

With both soft nude with white tonal, show the breath of spring.

Already have the pictures of the outside.. But because the jacket in the car,

Missing important bright spot color, also took a T ~ T become not trying

Finally back home to take pictures, so I have a tired..


Wearing the headband with shorts the same wave point pattern.

Because it too tired, too tired.. Big head nearly mirror, or free @ ~ @

A knitted baby brought more delicate has the man has

I get my liking... for the doll Have to leave the state > man < has


Big heat wave point pattern, this season is I've always liked the elements.

Wave point.. Is a thick flavour restoring ancient ways, handsome and charming.

This looks like a skirt, but is a Tory Burch outlet wave point of shorts skirts pants,

Has both cute and safety


Really like and recommend culottes this close item > man <

This day, which show lively nifty Tory Burch striped socks.

To make the model more fresh.

(the long short socks put article will in this weeks out oh ^ - ^)

On a lovely bright bow socks has


Bowknot let socks full of fairy tales flavor, full of fantastic color.

Bowknot is small deserve to act the role of lovely has more


Restore ancient ways small bags, it is love at first sight payment has man has

Delicate and cabinet's appearance was attracted to

I like is very small, miniature Tory Burch handbags > man <


And the most attractive, of course, it is the temperament of restoring ancient ways has

Hang up the lovely maomao has the ball

The furry ball pendant is dream the rabbit to (review > > thrilling dream rabbit)


Fantasy rabbit in there?

It said it's too hot, he decided to stay at home ok XD


Has the breath of spring flower ring

Cardigan: Rojita

Top: Shabby

, Snidel Shorts

Bag: Topshop

Shoes: Tory Burch


Strawberry McVITIES digestive loaves of bread, delicious has

But still love salt flavour that type > man <


Originally said next time a sundress share x wear a set of shopping,

But because I haven't finished, so first out wd (top).

Quickly, went out into tomorrow.. Can't it out on Wednesday.

I'll take time back and forth the message tomorrow.

It's urgent, please E-mail to me.

The toodles ^ - ^ /



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