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Wind downy and tonal navy outfit has maid Cafe

Hello, everyone good ^ - ^ /

Long time no see, I many days didn't write the article?

Vent here has been a week, is the time to return.

And then I decided to post 7 consecutive days, to compensate for poor blog was spurned. Darling has


In this build is the early days, the navy wind is one of the wear take a style I like.

I told friends V cafe together like to characteristics.

Taste the delicate lovely food, drink a cup of warm and delicious beverage.

While chatting, enjoy features to decorate, very enjoyable.

Early days we are very much interested in maid for theme cafe.

To find information, originally many maid cafe in Hong Kong.


Ministers in fact I very want to go to the cafe, but graduation is really..

We went to a total of three maid cafe, today will give everybody introduction of a oh ^ ~ ^

That day I also wore the navy wind coat, one day match a thick campus flavor.

Phase the doll is v drawing give me, good lovely good lovely has

Today is alpaca floret, always is the v design, on behalf of my pinky bunny.

Below is alpaca pinky oh, bow necklace with logo.

If had the doll's app ^ ~ ^


After entering the shop,

Lovely maid in a soft voice say: "welcome to two young lady"

Although not to the host to call...

We think the maid cafe is an important factor. The... Called to do master XD

But this shop is elegant British romantic decorate,

Call also suitable. Miss noble feeling oh ^ ~ ^

Then the maid told us that the second sentence is: "master, please take off the shoes into inside!"


Took off his shoes and feel more relaxed at home?

When I go with V happened a little fun XD


Detail can be confirm V painting: maid Cafe full of memories

Each seat is equipped with a bell, has to call the maid

I see, have what it takes to think about it and the feeling of dance.. Don't to me XD

The romantic elegance of the Menu.

By the way, if want to take pictures, need to inform the maid.

And you can't get maid.

Some cookie and tea, you can choose a favorite cup. Very sweet.

Our point is..

Delicious of ancient) milk.

With a picture of the cat oh has on it

Lovely maid pattern of coffee.

The main aspects..

I am boarding ordered egg with V.


Boarding point egg, can get a maid designs specified in the above picture.

My name's maid is colleague's cherry blossoms rabbit, also wrote a cherry blossoms beside the rabbit's name?

Cherry blossoms boarding rabbit eggs as has nearly mirror

The boarding is V of alpaca eggs has

Tastes good.

Photo ^ - ^ /

Conclusion the cafe environment comfortable, food prime Numbers is good.

Are you free can go to try it.

Back to fit..

It is downy and tonal navy wind wear build, with a campus wind.

Beret, bow tie, with Tory Burch flats collocation are together, emitting campus color.


With a temperament of bag bag, I can go to school XD


The gentle tone, in the cold winter has bring people visual warm.

This season are also popular pure and fresh and lovely downy and tonal/pastel color?

Beret: H&M

Coat: Topshop

Sweater: Deicy

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Tory Burch

This in a day is to go to dinner with relatives and friends.

Only take a phone and wallet, don't use the bag?

Don't have my bag out become more easily.

I think I really put too much stuff in my favorite  bag XD


The coat is a big bag.

Phone is put on the left, the right to put my favorite Tory Burch wallet, very convenient ^ ~ ^

Wear a bright spot in a bow tie

Tomorrow will be out of the well ^ - ^ / alpaca


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