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【 Tokyo working diary... have to shopping leisure 】 each

Although the title with shopping

But... I must be sick ~ ~ ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time went to Tokyo...

I have no intention to shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((ahem... conscience found? Somebody else here is work, not shopping regiment...))


Write write XD as a table to innocence

At one point I suspect if I was transformed to aliens

((of course the alien will use magic weapon of let me memory loss, so I won't remember have transformed))

((like MIB))

Or mother afraid of my wardrobe throughout Japan explodes

While sneaking down the break, sleep when I sleep? !!!!!!!!!!!

((secretly says there are about twenty... she also don't know me for Jimmy Choo uk shoes...) in Shanghai)


After dusk to step to the first studio with a photographer for the meeting

Have counted with tidy photography products and so on can go to eat dinner...

Because going back to the hotel at ten o 'clock meeting with the client

Later to talk about with peer stylist another piece of work

So only a little time to walk after the meal on the first day the pharmacy


In every time they go to Japan the most anticipated pharmacy

(equivalent to free line in the eyes of salsa!)

I had one thing in the world can't buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Into the baoshan and have nothing to look

Once I very feel very empty ~ ~ ~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is probably just once can't calm my mood after taxes

Shopping to low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well and high yen terrible ~

Pharmacy maintain article is same as Hong Kong's price!!!!!!!!!!!! Is (up to 5-10% cheaper...)

And compared to last August

Don't think anything interesting maintenance product...

Only looking forward to work the next day after blood cast clothes!!

So after work we first stop will sweep away the LAFORET harajuku ~

Many shops are almost 50% ~!!!!!!!!!!!


I.t. to sell your PAGEBOY to no good

Cross between knitting coat with fur collar (two separate)

To ¥ 1999!!!!!Probably just HK $190!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I didn't buy... (all say me is shopping to low...)

Try on the pants also didn't buy together

Bought this article is about HK $120 flags neck 


Then is this sweater (actually is the light pink)

Probably just HK $190


Broken beautiful dress is only HK $190

(try forget taps... this is the night in a hotel...)

Also comes with a black bottom skirt! Really is a super price!!!!!!!!!!!

But wait for the pick up to wear...


After is ehyphenworld gallery

Wool scarf dress along with the same material

After the HK $285 for half price

Now see photos... Good regret not buy...


Because it was bought as the price of the ~

(two also is to have the black/white/grey optional, but the two are just want to buy white...)


Second day wear right away ~ (because get up too early, face swollen...)

But very fat... There are also easy to fuzz...

(now remembered that... ehyphenworld gallery and a wool coat didn't shoot...)

Before leaving the LAFORET building

Atul gawande at the last shopping also buy crazy irl (last time buy than many has drifted back towards ¥ etc.)

Barely (?,?,?,?,?)Bought three items...


Because home collarbone to no more

Is this long attracted ~ ~


For a small neck cannot immune > / / / / <

There are few such a small long 

Good good lovely!!!!!!!!!!!


Earrings instead preference exaggerating a little

Because I am a long hair!

Don't see too small...

The flower so cute ~ ~ ~ always feel with Jimmy Choo sale summer dress is very ~

The struggle for a while...


Because with flower is a bit like...

Finally brought back home ~

Plus the last day to buy down jacket

The trip to Japan, clothes, in addition to these...

Lowery farm with music earth and ecology are around the didn't buy...

Really weird...


Actually this time wanted to go to GAP, buy down jacket

The third night the order received the queen (?,?,?,?,?) Still need to finish another task... Don't go shopping

So on the fourth day dashed to the GAP before ~ ~

But only few styles...

I need most is only a teamed

I super hate the color of the left (remnants read...)

Finally, take a fancy to this long

Between the light grey and dark grey struggled for a long time...


As a result of the buy dark grey ~

From &yen; eighteen thousand fold to &yen; six thousand

And really very very very warm ~ ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is my most proud the Japan tour!

After Jimmy Choo uk to set sister bloggers are very crazy

But... I think everything is very ugly...

Quality is more worse than H&M...

At the fourth floor or didn't see anything...

And he went to every time is only around 109 not to buy

I really don't like 109... (go to) but I also think so

And the quality is not very good...

But the price is not cheap!!!!!!!!!!!

I think LAFORET shop


Average quality is better than 109

The price is much cheaper! (the discount level is also 109 high!)

If it weren't for enough time... And I forgot how GuHang covered by the past


Walk, really want to go to LAFORET before a trip to... (remnants read...)

Finally ~ ~

Uniqlo to buy at the airport two HEAT TECH!


Because Hong Kong has round draw money seems to be sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition, there are no waist sealing of the Hong Kong ~


(when the day is cold you don't have a waist very cold




Snidel FW 2010 Collection... Fashionable Europe and the United States wind series of man

Snidel qiu dong series thick euramerican style this season, I am completely charmed by it.

The series also like, wanna be a snidel girl =)

Take a look at this series of item.


Around two sets of all beautiful SSSSSSS ah love the right one, especially this a few kinds of color collocation are together quietly elegant and generous, very good =)


Today autumn/winter season one of popular element - cape


Stop looking on to lace up boots


There are three colors - black, brown, grey

I like this kind of Tory burch lace - up more than plush boots, boots

Because these shoes can wear all the year round, the feeling is more cost-effective?

But I still want to into a pair of Tory Burch fur boots, have good introduced to me? =)


Wow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Wow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


This coat... Lace ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ah (long)


I think white lace look than black.

Autumn/winter must appear, and belongs to the autumn/winter item - fur coat/leather


Take a coat + in the skirt


Dress is classical romantic =)


As for the jacket... In fact, I don't understand why want to add a line at the back...

Used to hang shirts? (don't feel like a hanging shirt rope? Well, I know the gag is poor)

When I bought this kind of coat come back, I would have to cut the rope go + man +

With the coat has a children's clothing, can be a mother and daughter, and daughter so sweet > man <


Campus flavor.

Also deserve to go up in wearing a headband, very -they taped

Have a little to show on the back of the back


Guess what I see?

Yes, that's the double row suit jacket, feel very campus wind feeling at the first glance.

Another suit jacket.


The checkered pattern suit jacket I super like!!


Joker. The most important thing is with English flavour restoring ancient ways.

I am preoccupied with wind restoring ancient ways of XD


I... Already start? =)

The grocery vivi Lena in the graph


I used figure for autumn winter to buy things to share in the introduction again (let me fetch a imprison son)


Knitting coat


Bag tied with a ribbon bow, big love!!!!!


Lena vivi10, left is the graph, this period many snidel item appear?

Another of the same type jacket.. Bow in hand the coat sleeve.


A very romantic one outfit.


Introduced for the Tory burch shoes is just shoes


Coat is cultivate one's morality. With a stylish look is also very good.

The skirt is chiffon skirt.. Also is the harness... Really is qiu dong outfit? @ man @;;

For the most part, the country's local also have central heating, no wonder they out so much snow spins dress..


And chiffon dress is suitable for wearing all the year round, bargain deals

Middle pattern neckerchief


See it always reminds me of Tory Burch dress...


Articles vivi is looking at this for too long, be it @ man @ brainwashed

Say is this dress, Rosebullet


Introduced here is not much, this article is said Snidel XD

Continue to ~ ~ ~


I don't like this coat... The sleeve.. @ man @;;

Is very like the broken beautiful dress neri supplement


On the left is the dress in TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION '10 AW


Right is another, the following will be introduced to.

Good romantic a dress ah


Ah ~ ~ ~!!!!!!!!!!!Appear to hang clothes rope - the man behind the -

Continue to a place to have ~

Knitting coat left, the right is a uniform coat


Dress that is mentioned above, is elegant style.

Military uniform coat also has children's wear, the wear take a left and right is also very cute.

The right that super beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!


This one, at first I thought lace flower collar come cape...

But turned out to be... Big collar of dress


Because of the collar, I have the urge to buy it back


This also have children's clothing models.

Mother and daughter together to wear the dress must be high and attractive, unique (like a little exaggeration)

And a lovely collar of dress, still very campus flavor


Website homepage main dress


I've got eye-watering.

Not the suspense, to a material with the PIC.

This is a sweet and neutral dress.

Pretty sexy, most the right side is black to match on the inside.

With retro Tory Burch lace up boots


Red very grab an eye appeal


Other articles fall and winter


Is such fox wool coat sleeve. Since several years ago to now, is also must appear every year

This year launched a dark blue


Fox fur fur shawls, Tory Burch sale with last year that almost the same.

The difference is more than a layer of lace


Printed dress


Pretty cute, but I don't like the turtle neck

This short printing shirt is very cute


Lace one - piece, beauty SSSSSSSSS



Checkered trousers

I like the hot balloon!!!!!!!!!!! I thought the blue wig also has sell XD

Play to lay a good eye training... @ man @;;

Its. So start comparing to the end. Please forgive me! Like you like > man <


Lv / Gucci / chanel bags maintenance and FAQs


A. LV / gucci / chanel bag accidentally stick stains or pen stains how to do?
First of points encountered this situation is the kind of bag
1. Suede bag, you can use a the suede dedicated soft eraser, gently remove the stain.
2. Leather or lambskin, you could start with cotton cloth wrapped sponge, dip cleaning products to clean dirt stains on leather with metal friction, can also be treated using this method, but if you really serious, or to go to a professional treatment shop, they are not self-defeating.
II. LV / gucci / chanel bag how to deal with scratches on it?
The first bag is clean. (Before handle bag any problems are first bag clean, because the wait process steps involved oils, not clean bag plus oil, will plug the pores)
Prepare a professional repair the oil, and then prepare a clean cloth.
3 with a cloth dipped in a little repair oil in the the scratches Department, was semi-circular cheap ghd hair straightener push anti-scratch direction remember to push the advantage of the opportunity to draw circles, to be very patient, very evenly push, repeat do until scraping marks disappeared.

III. LV / gucci / chanel bags to rain, and how to deal with it?
Immediately with a towel or dry cloth, followed by re-ventilated place to prevent mildew. If you are afraid of self-defeating, or damage is really too serious, it is recommended to be sent to a specialized dry cleaners to do the processing, do not casually handling, but let the situation worse.
IV. LV / gucci / chanel bag shower after the rain, and sun exposure may be placed, can you?
Not! Wet bags can be placed in a ventilated place to dry, but do not be placed in the hot sun, because long-term exposure will make leather bag injuries, may fade and so. (Imagine leather such as skin, direct sun exposure can cause skin abnormal)
V. LV / gucci / chanel bag moldy how to do?
1. Using a damp cloth wrung out in the moldy area, repeat wipe, must repeatedly wipe, because sometimes very tenacious mold, removal of the surface, does not mean that the mold is full root unplug.
2. Grazed the leather bag, ventilated place (fans mouth also) ventilation for a 1-2 days.
3. After the ventilation bags, no mold recurrence phenomenon can be more than leather care oil.
Six. LV / gucci / chanel bags Tu maintenance oil Note
Coated leather care oil, do bear in mind that not a whim to anoint before applying skin care oil, leather bags must first clean up the dirt so as not to cause blockage to form the opposite effect.
Leather care oil Do not coated thick layer of leather pores clogged (or cause to treat their skin empathy imagine leather)
VII. LV / gucci / chanel bag inside broken how to do?
This is a problem many bags will face, reserved most bags inside seam allowances are not too much, so the bags loaded heavy objects, supporting force inevitably is not enough, then it is difficult to avoid the need pulling broken inside

1 user is responsible for the concept
The bag is the reason why there will be problems, almost all of the source is the user in the use of bags slightly improper, so regardless of the bags any problems, the first point we must first review their use! The way to find out the wrong way, to turn over ghd Rare IV Styler Limited Edition with Leopard Print Bag can prevent injury again generated.
2 bags avoid long-term hanging hanging
Bags hanging bag weight, how many are, so pull the bag inside is pretty hurt, all the love package to be a little note.
3. Distinguish between bags use
Many people like to stuffed a bunch of things, in fact, I very much recommend must first load the bag situation to figure out, if the appearance is obviously a noble packet, do not try too much junk stuffed in the bag inside, yet if there is a need recommendations to the back of the big bags, or negative weight package with a bunch of stuff, then these bags in the weight-bearing on the design considerations may tory burch outlet be much more carefully, this would back more things, but it is not refers to said plug too many things Oh, the propriety of moderation should be very careful, so evening bag!, luggage and the like shall bags will.