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Dreamland pieces wind Arpakasso Japan alpaca sweet candy series X Samantha Thavasa spot than the rabbit

Hello, everybody ^ - ^

Share with you today Arpakasso, Japan sheep TuoDe new series

This is the theme of the sweet candy, the alpaca use candy for accessories

Also added a new element, the following will be unveiled in detail

This album phase and Samantha Thavasa's bambi, and rabbit sampdoria oh

Early has been determined.

DAY2 (1).jpg

Want to take candy alpaca to outdoor filming, pat exterior XD


This day with last month, in Japan a short swim when Samantha Thavasa buy bags

Completely is lovely bambi, rabbit sampdoria, and gleaming straw mushroom fan pour,

The color of the pink bag is very cute, it also have bambi image, it is very delicate

In the future there will be this lovely bag to wear take the unpacking, oh

Bag with alpaca very suitable, send out lovely sweet breath


This day was surprised to find this kind of Tory Burch handbags a bonus place

Is.. It turned out to be a comfortable pillow oh XD

Just like overwhelm bambi, sorry oh

Suddenly thought of, full of fairy tale olfactory three members

Taking pictures with alpaca together, then the picture must be very fantastic

Yes, really super lovely and dream

It says to..

The alpaca series to join the new element

Is alpaca grew up, the baby into kids

That is no mark is baby is which?

I got up "adult" this name not the wrong, XD

Quite like this new concept oh, sweet love

With childlike innocence to see things, grow older, keep enjoy pure beautiful heart

The child version TuoDe sheep feature is that they straight feet

When the bb version of walking and turn to grow up... They have will stand walk

This series of a total of four modelling


I bought the three paragraphs, and one yellow

Neck have candy neck, like as neckerchief

Don't know why I always give up the yellow..


May with the home alpaca collection about color, it is white white powder

It is additionally, yellow is usually boy oh, I prefer to girl's son

Those have eyelashes lovely eyes is fantastic

And the girl's accessories are usually more delicate, what stylist also eccentric the XD

Candy series.. We also have a lovely neck

The boy's neck is a grain of sweet candy.


Use dynamic peachblossom, lively wave point design, very suitable for Yi leather he XD

The girl's candy accessories in his head

Between grain packing, plain lovely feeling


The right side white, with me together is to work in Japan as alpaca oh

Pink alpaca, on the left and a delicate taxi?

It was the most popular color, accessories is better than other more ah

Only 12 cm/and cm pink have and oh

Shining straw mushroom is hanged adorn very delicate, the spring is in the air

It is Tory Burch bag one of the members of the oh

Straw mushroom very like true, look at really want to have a bite

Vicuna coming also have a taste? XD

Small size of alpaca, feather good sense

Alpaca are "we will stand, hope in the future will grow as tall with bambi!"

Bambi feet long? XD


Bambi is too beautiful too the sprout

Look at it and touches the heart good, make you feel good

Any Angle is also very cute

Take vicuna go, full of warm picture

To give a warm man gratitude for all received with love

Sunny day and rainy days, you can use in a good mood to meet

Collective photo

They are also treatment system

And the rabbit Thumper sampdoria

He's bambi good friend oh

He is very welcome by girls? XD

Air emitted from the taste of sweet

The play came he..


Because of this series is to my heart the XD

So.. I once again to buy a large size oh

Large size alpaca, have more straightforward and feet

Fat is very lovely


Head also have candy accessories

Hair soft, to embrace oh

The big doll is always the best XD


And the appearance of the big doll? Is the most beautiful

Recent alpaca figurines, quality like pick up

Hope I can keep it up, slowly ascending


Can return to ago, alpaca starch quality is good

The alpaca figures, respectively in the following three shop to buy.

According to the name to check more information:

And taste bear toy products

Koby Gift Shop

Village Vanguard



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