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Taipei Ximending Huali Ting international hairdressing to by head type design exclusive hairstyle

Name: Huali Ting international hairdressing
Address: 79 Kunming Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 2nd Floor


Before A jump into the money pit 11 Travel Fair
Plundered bunch of meal volume and accommodation volume outside
Also spend money on something as mysterious
Today, the answer is finally revealed soon
A 11 decided to shoot a personal photo
Was going to say pat economical and convenient
Looks nice but not easy
So go to a professional to.

However, the photo shoot is not to spend money on the right,
In order to be able to show at the bright side
So as not to only spend retouching mad
This time A eleven ghd Blue Serenity exercise harder.
Of course, the head of hair is not type an important part,
Previously to the family barber or one hundred yuan Barber
This should please the hair stylist scissors look good
A eleven came eleven sister recommended ~
Huali Ting international hairdressing


Came from the MRT station.
Found of Ximending really hairdressing distribution center,
Almost every few steps a hairdressing salon,
This can been eleven the sister long the favorite,
Presumably there would not be a simple,
Monday through Friday, not pick a designer,
Shampoo + less fat 380 yuan also not too expensive.


Two on the third floor of Hua Liting range is not large,
However, the environment for people to feel comfortable.


Neat and bright salon area.


Hair designer in warm greeting
First brought to the ice water and magazines.


Haircut before the designer will ask first wanted to cut the shape
Will provide magazine pattern to give you the first reference
A Before the shape change shape before the first shot,
Super A sweat love the hair cut short eleven,
Hold back for the haircut, but especially stay long
(Although it looks very short XD).


Followed my hair stylist Miyuki
Generally, we are cut my hair after shampooing,
Original first her hair would be better shear
The shampoo should have been lying in another area wash
In order to take pictures, we become sitting wash
Miyuki very intimate mint shampoo
So afraid of the heat, I feel a burst of cool wind,
Side scalp massage while looking at the magazine really enjoy.


Her hair will check the water temperature,
Really not used by others to help wash
But really comfortable A ~
Washing will help you head bound up with a towel.


Next is the highlight of a haircut,
Miyuki determined to cut the part of the first clip
Slowly and then scissors to trim.


The designer will be adjusted depending on the head type hair,
Than step on the left side of the ghd Butterfly Black head like eleven designers slowly repair
Like the miraculous in general, have been very house hairstyle
Under the knife. Trim, the appearance has become more and more stylish.


Last plus hair carving modified under
The otaku immediately transfiguration sportsman,
Wash plus exclusive design hairstyle
For as little as 650 yuan COCO.

Hard work in Ximending
The Huali Ting has been gradually becomes salon appointment system
Want to change the shape I remember the first call to make an appointment.


Huali Ting international hairdressing

Address: 79 Kunming Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 2nd Floor
Tel :02 -2381-8052

Business Hours: AM10: 00 to PM09: 00 (Tuesday is due to Hugh)

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