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Cool day emergency countermeasures collar + Tory Burch best coat to keep out the cold

The temperature of a falling, even wearing thick cotton-padded clothes, down jacket coat or feel warm enough, this time, the collar is big pie to use! Neck part is one of the parts of the body need warm! So small make up roll out ceremoniously collar + coat to keep out the cold street snap strategy, system study in Europe and the United States street snap collar collocation scheme, let you have to wear warm also wear beautiful!



Heat preservation plan a: white knitting collar + Tory Burch jacket

The street snap da but from head to toe heavily equipment used for keeping warm against the cold, knitting hat + knitting collar + black leather gloves 1 can't be little. In fact the neck and head is the most easy to feel the cold winter part of the two parts make warm work is very important. This type of knitting collar and hat is very suitable, white is also very easy to suit with the color collocation, plus black legging, fashion sense to ascend, to temperature temperature, want to have a good manner.


Warm scheme 2: black tassel knitting collar + the color of camel's hair corduroy jacket

"Hermione" this outfit looks elves, and slightly nifty street recreational temperament, black collar triangular in shape around his chest, more modelling characteristic, the color of camel's hair coat loose style show a comfortable feeling, feet Tory Burch Flats Outlet is also very handsome, very suitable for Emma own temperament.


Warm scheme 3: plover case collar + black leather splicing coat + black boot + leather gloves

Plover case is the classical fashion design, elegant and generous, with leather hale and hearty feeling collide spark of wonders, mix invincible. The whole black to white plover case collar to foil out, collar in neck closely around the block, all in the outside. 


Tory Burch black boots + leather gloves + splicing fur clothing modelling handsome cool, add coat of metal zipper more emphasis on the feeling. Keep warm and type!


Heat preservation plan 4: mix color fur collar + spell tweed coat color

Tory Burch fur collar is very popular in recent years, because of its strong style warmth retention property and costly feeling so wide sweat the welcome of people. This kind of fur collar colour and lustre is very close to the original color, untamed and warm close skin feeling, fur coat color matching is also on this year's Hot money, and the color of the collar is very harmonious. Again it is tie-in a romantic bud silk skirt, romantic and showily.


Heat preservation plan 5: black collar + black leather coat + light green chiffon dress


Even in the cold winter, also want to find elegant feeling, Tory Burch chiffon dress is not only in the summer wear, as long as the inside with a backing pants also according to wear not by accident. The upper part of the body of the handsome leather mix romantic beautiful chiffon, most sweet and neutralization of hale and hearty. Plus one Tory Burch Handbags outlet , very fashionable. Want to be more warm, plus the collar is a must. Administrative enhanced stereo feeling, and at the same time, make you more warm oh.


Heat preservation plan 6: gray flower twisted knitted collar + shallow the color of camel's hair jacket + broken flower shorts

The modelling of the most striking is the flower of the neck twisted collar, wide collar knitting flowers lay rich, still can and one thing, not only can do collar, still can as a hat, head and neck warm, also have no lack of fashion sense oh.


Warm scheme 7: geometric pattern collar + rivet cowboy coat + Tory Burch of camel's hair and ankle boots

Looks very leisure stray temperament of a modelling. Tory Burch coat and trousers, jeans are the main handsome brand. Collar is quite a bit of England the feeling of restoring ancient ways, like the streets of London wind and the western United States cowboy emotional appeal, the combination of special and creative.

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