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UGG substitute for

Jean day line open Costco, buy left to snow boot ~?


Actually I have been good to hate UGG, each winter are good have impulse want to buy!

But seeing the same paragraph boot, UGG sell US $180!

And what about me to... Only system 35 ocean!

A pair of top 5 on ah!!!!!!

Whenever think be here, I will back down ~ ~ ~

Add in the boot of snow, it's really the Lebanon on snow frame!

UGG to do expensive, I think I don't be willing to part with or use lor!

In fact I? Not to poor frame...

A box of writing the living system ugg boots outlet is Australia sheepskin!


Alas... ? See amplitude and phase, I feel to the foot to boot with the same color!


What I really is so black? !



Home to the old boot, and with money, not the same color ~

Has the to residual clothes.


Actually see front, force can get many 1-2 season, but see buried Ugg boots Fox Fur Mini behind don't have to la...

All don't know why the left shoe sole to sit very well average!

I think I journey KK!


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