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Mulberry bag appraisal method


From the basic appearance of, at present on market of fake of the types, probably points have low and high-grade two kinds, low-end counterfeits quality is poor, it is easy to see a glimpse of, and Mulberry spelling often wrong, but it is difficult to detect the high-grade product, in this to teach you a few basic appreciation method.


1. All Mulberry goods have washed mark and drop, it will have the original factory model, washing mark model and drop on the model consistency.
2. All of the bag type is ZA -... For the beginning, for my wallet ZB... , clothes for FA... , so when you want to purchase don't forget to pay attention to wash the mark on the Numbers. Because counterfeits are not for these goods in addition ordering wash scale, usually are clothes general, a BiaoYong exactly.


Three. Don't believe what the entire auction, because the Mulberry on market goods are hot, commodities have used value, so below market price mulberry bags sale a lot of goods must hold to skeptical, because there are a lot of businessmen the goods are sold, and shall not return the. Even if you find is buy fake, he will say you deliberately take false with his change. So the appeal locks.
4. Wash the scale and drop clarity, usually counterfeits wash scale drop will have ambiguous situations.
5. Mulberry goods absolutely no so-called & ldquo outflow goods & rdquo, often hear the guest says, there are some shops say their mulberry bags goods is to cut mark outflow commodity, in fact is not true, ninety-nine percent are fake. Really cut standard actually is not much, and are the factory workers first snap up the.

6. In addition to the above several methods, but the most fundamental way is to find someone with a reputation and responsible business, and don't too some small cheap, cheap to buy is very good, but buy fake Mulberry bag thed loss outweights the gain.

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