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A shoes go TianYa 【 three days to wear take 】 life people should have at least the shoes!


Words, last week's Jipi Japa 【 super-pleasant crazy try 】 2012 heat explosion summer shoe money in this

Said this week will open I took that pair of shoes,

Tell you now ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In fact I took shoes are it:


Black high with Roman sandals of ~


Take it reason ~ ~ ~ actually good simple

Dolphin is the lack of a pair of black Roman sandals,

And black Roman shoes is super joker design,

That is to say, base on match line to any clothing can ~


In an article also said, Jipi Japa shoes made by the high quality shoes process selection,

Shoes lighter and comfortable, like I'm wearing it right,

Sole looks like good heavy?


In fact it is adopted the super light of polyurethane materials to make the sole!

So can ensure that light and comfortable, effectively reduce the long walk cause foot fatigue.


In addition, I think the shoes of another advantage is shoes type is very good,

The radian of foot not high,

Make high-heeled sandals when put on won't make feet too compression ~

Basically, it felt like a bit high on the flat Popular Isabel Marant Franklin Slouchy bottom shoe.


Dolphin is wearing it from early to late and for food dragon Cyril shopping,

Really was not a bit tired ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!

So, you don't complain that Jipi Japa shoes expensive ~

Tell you, a money a credit ah ~


The title is a shoes go TianYa ~

My first modelling is...

Modelling 1: mature noble appointment pack ~


This skirt like good for evening appointment ~

The overall shape of the color is: blue, silver, black ~


Simple royalblue even body skirt,

With silver small handbag ~

Add personalized blue national neck chain

Deserve to go up again sedate black high-heeled sandals.


Simple but full of mysterious mature woman flavour ~


Blue x black combination would never go wrong ~ ~ ~ ~?


Cool words, plus a white lace long body thin coat:


Besides covering a screen arm outside,

Integral feeling and become lady and day system a little:


Seen mature royalblue,

To see the colour of profusion summer ~

Model 2: color summer dynamic loading


Summer summer! Of course to the colour of profusion ~

I choose is like the summer sunshine bright yellow:


In order to strengthen the administrative modelling,

I still inside take small white vest,

And crown neck chain ~


Said to have vitality well,

So, the vigor represent high horsetail to turn out!


Para with black skinny jean and

Jipi Japa black high-heeled sandals

Let black infinite extended,

Make legs visually long 20%!


In addition, in fact high horsetail will also put the person visual sense to spin!

Also can be increased by 5%?


Yeah ~ yellow x white x black ok!

Summer energy long legs look complete.

(tips: want to long leg a bit? The upper part of the body and then change it wear into high waist/short body T, 40 inches long legs easy job)

Modelling 3: sweet candy forest outfit


Recent ah, really too popular candy color,

Especially the mint green!

I see have super want to buy!


This skirt is actually even the body skirt,

In taobao buy ah, isn't it beautiful??????????????

I come back again later share taobao prize it (this article clearly is said shoes!)


This modelling actually is really good simple,

Even the body long skirt and a pair of Jipi Japa black sandals ~

Like it, add straw hat and neck chain, strengthen a bit model are ~


I wonder if we have seen three modelling,

Like that one?


Three modelling, I deliberately create different atmosphere,

Purpose is to tell everyone.

A pair of shoes to go TianYa ~

Such a good match line to shoes ~

You say, life, is bound to have a pair of?

Besides, it is because it so joker, you may every day will be put on it,

So, the shoes of the workmanship and quality should also is isabel marant the highest!

You might as well go to Jipi Japa try on ~

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